Paperfields is a boutique paperie that creates and offers fine stationery and luxury paper products for all occasions and ages. India based founders Anu Tibrewala and Ambika Singhania Kothari believe that in a world that is hyper electronic -- a hand written note, a chic personalized card, a beautiful piece of paper to hold-- are treats to cherish. At Paperfields, we believe in embracing and enriching life's ordinary moments and making them extraordinary memories.

We believe your choice of gift or gift-wrap and social stationery creates an indelible stamp, and to that end, we have a selection of stunning products to meet eclectic tastes and moods. Our unique paper products are versatile, fun and elegant. We use the finest quality paper in our product lines. We focus on an array of sophisticated stationery sets amongst other products that can be personalized and we also develop one of a kind, bespoke gifting ideas.

Our founders

Anu has been in her family run printing press business in Mumbai since 2001 with technical expertise as her forte. She is the eternal student in a range of printing processes, and is constantly innovating with technologies of printing and thus constantly refining the quality of our paper products. She is perpetually growing and reinventing herself by attending seminars and conferences specific to her field. She stays abreast with the latest trends and technologies available in the printing fraternity.

Ambika has had a depth of exposure to the fields of art and business. While she has previously showcased her ceramic works in exhibitions, she has also worked on Wall Street. She focuses on the creative side of the firm along side the business aspects. She is widely traveled, and draws inspirations for her designs from the quirky and unusual, the mundane and the ordinary and expresses them in a contemporary, yet timeless style.

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